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Engine Chemicals

Automatic Transmission Fluid / Power Steering Dexron 500ml Automatic Transmission Fluid / Power Steering Dexron 500ml
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Automatic Tranmission Fluid for use in automatic, synchromesh, powershift transmissions, gearboxes, torque converters, servo systems and hydraulic clutches. Its good frictional properties, high oxidation and thermal stability combat friction and guarantee long life. ATF is a gear and transmission lubricant which can be used in certain two-stroke gearbox applications.
Diesel Treatment 325ml Diesel Treatment 325ml
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Regular use of Silverhook Diesel Treatment will help remove varnish, carbon deposits and water from diesel fuel systems whilst maintaining your engine and fuel system performance and preventing corrosion and the harmful build-up of deposits to injectors and valves. Diesel Treatment will also help reduce black smoke and diesel knocking and can improve cold starting performance.
Engine Stop Leak 350ml Engine Stop Leak 350ml
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Engine Stop Leak solution is a special blend of chemicals developed for engine oil leaks and drips that can be caused by the drying out or shrinking of the engines seals and O-rings. The treatment prevents and stops engine oil leaks without demounting the engine, lubricates and maintains your engines rubber and neoprene seals. A quick and easy treatment to use.
Exhaust Assembly Paste 140g Exhaust Assembly Paste 140g
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Exhaust Repair Paste 250g Exhaust Repair Paste 250g
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Fixes holes in exhaust and silencers.
Instant Gasket Clear 50g Instant Gasket Clear 50g
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Instant Gasket Clear is an acetoxy cure silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible seal making it ideal for use as a gasket sealant to replace pre-formed gaskets. Can also be used as a gasket sealant with pre-formed gaskets.
Petrol Injector Cleaner Petrol Injector Cleaner
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The Petrol Injector Cleaner helps to clean the harmful deposits that build up around the fuel injectors, which can reduce the vehicle performance. It can reduce exhaust emisssions, restore performance and increase fuel economy.
Petrol Treatment 325ml Petrol Treatment 325ml
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The Petrol Treatment helps to stop harmful deposits build up on the carburettor & in the fuel system, which can reduce the vehicles performance. It helps to reduce exhaust emissions, restores performance and increases fuel economy.
Quick Start Engine Starter 400ml Quick Start Engine Starter 400ml
14 in stock
Quickstart is a spray additive which aids engine starting even in the coldest weather conditions. For diesel, petrol, parafin engines, garden machinery and plant equipment. Also contains an upper cylinder lubricant. Ideal for tired batteries, points and plugs.
Underseal Spray 500ml Underseal Spray 500ml
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Spray on underseal is a thick waxy fluid, which drives out moisture and forms a tough flexible weatherproof skin.Ideal for retouching bituminous underseals and chassis as well as inaccessable areas such as wheel arches. Can also be used to seal leaking gutters and patch roofs.


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