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Testers & Detectors

3-in-1 Detector 1 x PP3 3-in-1 Detector 1 x PP3
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3-function, hand-held detector detects the presence of metal, timber studs and joists, and live cables. LED and audible signals. Adjustable for accurate positioning. Requires 1 x PP3 battery (not included).
3-in-1 Detector Stud Metal & Live Wire 3-in-1 Detector Stud Metal & Live Wire
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This Faithfull versatile advanced electronic detector helps avoid costly mistakes caused by drilling into concealed power cables, gas or water pipes and removes any guesswork when securing fixtures, hanging pictures or fitting shelving by pinpointing a solid base for fixing. The detector can be used to detect and locate wooded studwork, metal and AC voltage, providing a clear indication of conceal…
Battery Tester for AA, AAA, C, D & 9V Battery Tester for AA, AAA, C, D & 9V
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This Faithfull Battery Tester is simple and easy to use on most types of standard domestic and rechargeable batteries. It helps to ensure the batteries are fully charged and ready for use. A simple analogue needle display indicates the power level of the batteries (good, low or replacement required). An adjustable arm allows the tester to accommodate the testing of D, C, AA, AAA, 9V 6F22 batteries…
Circuit Tester 6V-12V Circuit Tester 6V-12V
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Automotive circuit tester with 900mm insulated cable and earth clip. Insulated contact point prevents accidental shorting. Quickly and easily check electrical system circuits and accessories on 6 and 12 volt systems.
Mains Tester 190 x 3.4mm 100-250 Volt Mains Tester 190 x 3.4mm 100-250 Volt
Out of stock
This Faithfull Mains Tester Screwdriver is fitted with a neon indicator in the clear plastic handle which illuminates when the point of the tester is touched on a live voltage source. This mains tester is suitable for testing AC voltages from 125 to 250 volts against earth. The tip of the tester should be placed on the suspected live source, while finger touch contact is applied to the metal stud…
Socket Tester Socket Tester
3 in stock
Checks sockets are correctly wired. Indicator lights accurately denote no neutral, live and earth reversed, live and neutral reversed and no earth. Plastic housing 50mm dia.
Toolzone 2pc Mains Tester Toolzone 2pc Mains Tester
9 in stock
140 X 3mm, 190 X 3.5mm. Test Range 100-250v.
Video Inspection Camera with Colour LCD Monitor Video Inspection Camera with Colour LCD Monitor
2 in stock
IP67 waterproof colour camera with super-thin 8mm head and 1m flexible camera cable. Easy visual inspections in restricted areas. Colour 2.3" TFT LCD screen with clear picture resolution. Lens-mounted LED lights with adjustable brightness for inspecting areas with low visibility up to 1.5m. Video out for image playback on larger monitor. Includes accessory kit, 4 x AA batteries and carry case.


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