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Review of Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS Systems

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS System offers multichannel selling across any online channel as well as acting as a fully functioning till system for a 'bricks and mortar' store. All products are set up in the till back office system, from there products can be sold using 'drag and drop' across any connected channel, meaning product setup is done only once, saving time and effort.

One System, All Sales

One of the bugbears of trading across multiple online channels like Ebay, Amazon and Google Shopping is the need to use different seller interfaces. This introduces the possibility of overselling stock, losing orders or even sending out goods before they have been paid for. With the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system all of these potential dangers disappear. Connect controls all sales from a centrallised stock control system, with all sales coming back into the till system, displayed on the till interface for pick, pack and dispatch. All stock is taken from the stock tree in the till system, so there is never a danger of selling stock you don't have, plus all stock is tracked through the system, so you can never send out goods which have not been paid for.

Black Box Functionality

The patented 'Barcode Connect' system means that entering product data is a thing of the past in many cases. This allows product data such as price, description and images to be automatically dragged into the system simply by scanning the product barcode - this then drags all information into the till system from a 'black box' populated by manufacturers, importers and other retailers of those same products. A massive time saver!

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