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Block Planes and Woodworking Planes

When you think of the tools that a woodworker may use, the first ones to spring to mind are always woodworking Planes and it's for a good reason. Block Planes and other types of woodworking Planes are essential tools for any amateur or professional woodworker or carpenter and will be found in any workshop. See more.

Here at Bridge Tools you will find an impressive selection of woodworking Planes available for you to choose from. From Block Planes to Hand Planes we have it covered, as well as accessories such as replacement blades. Here the woodworking Planes can be found in a number of different sizes so there's sure to be a Plane here that suits your specific carpentry requirements.

Cabinet making is just one of the areas that woodworking Planes can really come into their own, especially the exceptional Block Plane. In woodworking Block Planes find themselves mainly being used for fine woodworking and adding those little finishing touches to a project. This finer work that a Block Plane can be used for is down to the use of an adjustable mouth which is present on some variants. Using an adjustable mouth the amount of wood that is shaved can be altered, giving you the finish that you desire. Originally Block Planes were developed to tackle the end-grain area of a project, a role in which it is still perfectly suited today.

Please feel free to browse the range of woodworking Planes available here at Bridge Tools and we hope that you are able to find the right tool for your bench, whether that be a Block Plane or Hand Plane.

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