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Gauges and Feeler Gauges

Here at Bridge Tools you will find a host of gauges available that are specifically suited to carry out certain tasks.

A feeler gauge is an incredibly important and useful tool and it's for this reason that it's so commonly seen in toolboxes. The feeler gauge is used to 'feel' the distance between two pieces of metal, for example if a certain amount of clearance is required. As a result the feeler gauge is often exclusively used for work on engines and engine components by mechanics or amateurs.

Some of the engine tasks that a feeler gauge will definitely come in useful for include measuring spark plug gaps and the ring end gap on a piston ring. Having the right distance between the two ends of a piston ring is essential, too close and the ring and cylinder wall can be damaged and if the distance is too far then the sealing will not be optimal. Using a feeler gauge set to assess the distance between the two piston ring ends, then comparing the gauge which you found best fit to the engine manufacturers guidelines will ensure your piston rings are fitted correctly. This is just one engine task that the feeler gauge is perfectly suited too.

Feeler gauges are constructed of thin metal in varying thicknesses. The thinness of a feeler gauge is crucial to its use in that the user must be able to feel any friction that the gauge experiences when measuring a gap. The right sized gap is attained only when the gauge will move freely between the sides of the gap whilst continuing to rub against the two surfaces.

Our Selection of Gauges and Feeler Gauges

Here at Bridge Tools we have an excellent selection of gauges for you to choose from. From feeler gauges to mortise and marking gauges, there's certain to be a suitable gauge for your task at hand. Please feel free to browse the feeler gauges and other gauge types here and we hope that you're able to find the right product for your need.

Profile Gauge 250mm Profile Gauge 250mm
4 in stock
Use to find profiles or edges and accurately transfer on to material to be cut. Manufactured in high-quality plastic. Max. depth of profile 45mm.
Toolzone 13 Blade Mm Feeler Gauge Toolzone 13 Blade Mm Feeler Gauge
5 in stock
Measure Range- 0.05 - 1.00mm. Use For Checking Clearances On Ignition Points, Tappets, Spark Plug Gaps, Pistons, Piston Rings, Brake Bands Etc. For Auto, Truck, Marine, Garden And Farm Power Equipment.
Toolzone 6in Depth Gauge Toolzone 6in Depth Gauge
6 in stock
Quickly measure depths with this sliding depth gauge. Individual depth gauge with a measuring range of 0-150mm / 0-6" with metric measurements on one side and imperial measurements on the reverse. With a thumb nut to fix gauge at recorded depth. Provided with a plastic wallet for storage when not in use.
Toolzone 9in Hardwood Marking Gauge Toolzone 9in Hardwood Marking Gauge
4 in stock
245mm Overall Length, Brass Adjusting Screw.
Toolzone 9in Hardwood Mortice Gauge Toolzone 9in Hardwood Mortice Gauge
3 in stock
200mm Overall Length Brass Adjusting Screw And Slide Quantity-5/50
Toolzone Dti (Dial) Gauge In Box Toolzone Dti (Dial) Gauge In Box
2 in stock
A boxed dial test indicator DTI gauge with a measuring range from 0-10mm with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Fitted with two movable markers.
Toolzone Heavy Duty Plastic Contour Gauge Toolzone Heavy Duty Plastic Contour Gauge
Out of stock
Firmly gauges exact shape. Shape easily copied onto tile for precise tiling around pipes, window sills, switches and architrave. Can measure up to 13.3mm (5-1/4") in width and up to a maximum depth of 38mm (1-1/2").
Toolzone Mini Hardwood Marking Gauge Toolzone Mini Hardwood Marking Gauge
5 in stock
A goodquality mini marking gauge ideal for hobby and craft work. Fitted with brass securing thumb screw, made from Rosewood. Total length: 140mm (5-1/2").


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