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Sash Clamps

Sash Clamps are just one of a number of handy clamps available here at Bridge Tools. The number of projects that a Sash Clamp can be used with is extensive, however the purpose of a Sash Clamp is always quite clear, to aid with the assembly or gluing together of specific parts of a project.

The main body of a Sash Clamp is long and features one clamp-face which has the ability to slide, this is moved along the main body depending on how large the project is, and fastened in most cases using a pin. The other face of the Sash Clamp is adjusted using a screw mechanism (Thread & Tommy Bar), this allows for the pressure of the clamp to be ratcheted up as necessary. When using the Sash Clamp the clamp is placed below, with the project resting on top between the two clamp-faces. Placing scrap-wood between the surfaces of the project and clamp-faces is recommended so as not to damage the item being clamped at all.

Sash Clamps usually find function in securing wooden boxes and frames in which glue is added to ensure the joints hold tight. If you're starting out a project that you think might require a Sash Clamp or two then the products featured here at Bridge Tools should meet your requirements perfectly.

Our selection of Sash Clamps here at Bridge Tools is extensive, giving you maximum choice when choosing a product. All of the Sash Clamps are constructed out of sturdy Cast Iron and manufactured by the notable tool manufacturer 'Toolzone'. The Sash Clamps are available in a number of different sizes, from 36 to 72 inches, catering for all shapes and sizes of project. Please feel free to browse the Sash Clamps available and we hope that you're able to find a suitable product for your specific needs.

Toolzone 36in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp Toolzone 36in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp
Please note that this item is only available for store collection. The smallest of our three Toolzone Sash Clamps is the 36in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp. This clamp is perfect for small to medium projects and a must have addition to any workshop's tool collection. You will find that a Sash Clamp is a useful tool to have around, for fastening and glueing different elements of your projects. Using s…
Toolzone 60in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp Toolzone 60in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp
This item is for store collection only. If you're looking for a versatile clamp for your workshop then you really need look no further than the Toolzone 60in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp. This is our middle sized Sash Clamp from Toolzone, and will come in useful on a number of different sized projects. The Thread and Tommy bar mechanism allows you to easily wind in, or out, the clamp faces to exactl…
Toolzone 72in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp Toolzone 72in Cast Iron T-Bar Sash Clamp
This item is for store collection only. The 72in cast Iron T-bar Sash Clamp from Toolzone is an essential piece of kit for any workshop. Larger in size than it's counterparts, the 72in allows you to clamp to a much wider diameter, meaning you can target larger components or larger projects. The clamp faces are sturdy in construction, as you might expect with a cast-Iron Sash Clamp. Due to this fac…


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