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Spokeshave Selection

A Spokeshave is an incredibly important tool in a woodworking armoury. As a distinct type of plane, a Spokeshave can be used to level, smooth, and shape wooden surfaces.

Like any other type of plane a Spokeshaves' purpose is to take a shaving of wood from a wooden surface. It is the layout of the Spokeshave which makes it distinct from other types of plane, and makes it far more effective for certain types of planing.

Two handles flank the main body of the Spokeshave allowing for ease of use when working around a cylindrical wooden object, on edges, or on curves. Unlike a larger type of plane, Spokeshaves have a small bearing surface which contains the blade; this makes the tool incredibly versatile for use within the mentioned areas as these are far more fine and delicate. By setting up the Spokeshave correctly you should find that you get a balanced and even shaving, although applying a bias to one side of the blade can be beneficial to the operator in some situations.

Although tools similar to the Spokeshave are represented in archaeology, the Spokeshave gets its name from the process for which it came to be recognised. The tool would have originally been used for tooling and shaping the spokes of wooden wheels. In the years since, this versatile tool has found numerous other applications including shaping items and composite parts such as canoe paddles, guitar necks, and chair legs.

Our Collection of Spokeshaves

Here at Bridge Tools we have an excellent selection of Spokeshaves available for you to choose from, all at great prices. Both flat and round faced Spokeshaves can be found here so you're sure to find something suitable for your specific requirements. Please feel free to browse the selection of Spokeshaves and we hope that you are able to find something that meets your needs.

Toolzone Flat Face Spokeshave Toolzone Flat Face Spokeshave
3 in stock
250mm Overall Length.
Toolzone Round Face Spoke Shave Toolzone Round Face Spoke Shave
4 in stock
250mm Overall Length.


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