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Hand Drills

Hand drills are a versatile tool set in any DIY tool box. These traditional drills have now been surpassed in many situations by the electric drill; however they are still essential for some tasks.

By using a hand drill such as a hand brace you can drill quickly and efficiently into wooden surfaces. The accuracy that a hand drill provides is unparalleled and as you power the drill yourself and it's therefore easy to keep full control over the power at which you're drilling.

Some of the tasks that might be better carried out with a hand drill as opposed to an electric drill include fitting hinges on boxes and doors. For tasks such as these the accuracy offered by a hand drill is essential as the hinge needs to be aligned perfectly.

One of the excellent hand drills featured here is the 'Archimedes Drill'. This design hasn't changed in thousands of years and can be used for extremely precise work on wood, thin metal and numerous other materials. The drill holes that are produced by this tool are so fine that it is most often favoured by jewellers.

Our Selection of Hand Drills

The Hand Drills available here at Bridge Tools are essential pieces of equipment for any carpentry workbench. A number of styles can be found, including designs which haven't changed for many years. Great value models such as the Double Pinion Hand Drill, Hand Brace, and Archimedes Drill are readily available so we hope that you enjoy browsing these and are able to find the tool that you were looking for.

Double Pinion Hand Drill 290mm Double Pinion Hand Drill 290mm
2 in stock
Constructed using a sturdy hardwood as one of its base materials, this Double-Pinion hand drill is extremely durable. This item has been manufactured by Silverline, a recognised and trusted tool manufacturer both here in the UK and in Europe too. The gears have been carefully milled making the drilling mechanism far smoother running. Attach the 6mm bit of your choosing within the three-jaw chuck w…
Hand Brace 280mm Hand Brace 280mm
2 in stock
This 280mm hand brace is made by Silverline, a trusted and well recognised tool manufacturer. This tool is practical and very easy to use. The design incorporates comfortable wooden handles and a four-jaw chuck to house the drill bits you require. A useful tool to have for DIY around the home or workshop, this Silverline hand brace has a 280mm sweep and a three-position ratchet. Using the top wood…
Toolzone Archimedes Drill Toolzone Archimedes Drill
9 in stock
For Use With Micro Drill Bits
Twist Gimlet 70mm Twist Gimlet 70mm
Out of stock
This small tool is the perfect addition to any tool box, especially so if you work with wood on a regular basis. Using this Gimlet you are able to drill small holes into wood without causing it to split. Alternatively you can use this tool to start off a small hole where you can then continue to drill with another tool and screw. The great thing about the Silverline Twist Gimlet is that due to the…


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